6099 State Route 725 E

Camden, OH 45311

(937) 787- 3912

Tower Shoot - Birds are released off a 65 foot cliff and hunters have the option of taking the birds as they descend or hunting them up in Tower Valley after they have landed, plus picking up any stray birds or missed birds from the release point. The tower release provides all hunters with a fast-paced wing shooting scenario every time out.

In a tower shoot, hunters are in a fields and birds are released one at a time from a cliff. Birds fly through trees and across a creek. Price for tower shoots are $160.00 per person and include: 10 pheasants each and after the release each shooter is given 2 hours to hunt loose birds ( at no extra charge). We will customize each tower shoot to fit your needs. If your shooting party has at least 4 shooters you can pick your date and time. If an individual would like to join a tower shoot, we will help organize a group and date for the shoot.


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